Our ministries

Church is more than a Sunday service. Each week, people gather together outside of our services to learn together, serve together, care for each other, and be creative together.

Making disciples

  • Community Groups

    If you come to a Sunday service, you’ll notice that people are really kind, but it’s still not easy to connect. That’s what community groups are for. They meet midweek, and they’re places where we learn, pray, care, eat, serve and live.

    Community Groups are at the centre of our vision for church, so before you do anything else at church, we recommend getting into a community group. Groups meet in the city and surrounding suburbs and there are different types of groups to suit different people. 

  • Serve

    You’re needed.


    Really. From serving on a Sunday at a service to serving behind the scenes midweek, church is made up of people who use their gifts to serve others. If you’ve been to a Church Hill service, you’ve been served by these people. And more servers are always needed.


    Most of our serving happens in teams, which means serving is not only a way to use your gifts, but it’s also a way to grow in community. There is so much that God could do through us if we all committed to serving each other and the city.

  • A Year With Jesus

    Want to get to know Jesus more deeply? Download Church Hill’s daily devotional app ‘A Year With Jesus’ in the app store. You can catch up on previous talks in the ‘library tab’ or simply join us on Monday for the next instalment in the Gospel of John.

Helping the hurting

  • City Care Lunch

    In 2010, a member of our church made a suggestion: let’s not keep talking about serving the marginalised, let’s just do something.


    We did. And from that has grown a Sunday lunch that happens six times a year for over 100 men and women who live on the margins: economically, psychologically, socially and culturally.


    The idea is simple. Church Hill puts on a big barbecue with steaks, gourmet salads and tasty desserts, and we sit with our guests and talk. There are clothes and toiletries to take, provided you get in quick. It’s a practical and meaningful way of sharing the gospel of Jesus. 


    A weekly Wednesday night Dinner and Bible Study group have also been meeting since 2021. 



    Sundays at St Philip's Church. Set up from midday.


    4 February

    7 April

    2 June

    4 August

    6 October

    1 December


    Contact the City Care Team at citycare@churchhillanglican.com

  • Acts VI

    Are you having some financial difficulty right now and are a member of Church Hill? Perhaps due to COVID19? Perhaps you don’t have any other means to pay a bill, or get some groceries, or something else? 

    Some time ago, the Parish Council set up a ministry called ‘ACTS V1’. In Acts 6:1-7, the Apostles set up a simple way for the widows who needed help, to get help, so that the Gospel could go forward. ACTS 6 is our way to help distribute money, given by church members, to members of our church in need.

    The purpose is specific: If you have a specific need, then we’ve love you to fill in the form below. You don’t need to get specific. A sentence will do. 

    Then, either Emma Collett (an Assistant Minister) or Justin Moffatt (Senior Minister) will call you to hear a little of your situation. We will pray with you and see if we can help. There are a few things we will ask you, but it’s not onerous, and it’s not invasive. It will remain confidential between you and Emma/Justin, and it will be ‘signed off’ by the Acts 6 Officer, Greg Fendler (from 10:15am). While there are limits to how much we can give, each case will be assessed individually.

    If you, or someone you know, need help, please fill in the form below.

Engaging the city

  • The arts

    Music and the visual arts have always been friends of the city. But they’re also something that we have a special interest in: God is creative and he gives creative gifts in order to bless the world.


    Church Hill has deliberately sought to foster the creative arts within our community: using the buildings as venues for concerts, hosting an annual art show, and creating weekly art-pieces called zines (4pm and 6pm) which showcase artistic interpretations of the content of our services. Keep up to date by visiting our 'What's on' page. 

Multiplying gospel communities

We work with partners and friends to establish new communities in the City and surrounding suburbs. We seek to be on mission, and to help new churches begin and grow.

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